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One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how many different theories there are in regards to what happened to the lost tribes of Israel. I have read that it is quite difficult to pinpoint African-American's original lineage due to the forced interracial of the Caucasian (white) slave owners for reason of breeding slaves. True Yah-wism is the religion of believing ‘True Israelites.' The Yahudeans (all residents) of Jerusalem, who did not listen or heed to the prophecy of the Messiah's warning of the coming destruction, were not saved (delivered).

Ben Ammi explains that black people continue to suffer because of disobedience.38 Jesus had the same message as Moses;39 therefore, the Euro-Christian theological teaching that the Old Testament has been fulfilled is a lie.40 Consequently, one is made right with God through obedience to the law.

They considered themselves the true Jews of ancient Israel, and they followed a lifestyle they said was based on the Torah and Ben Israel's teachings, but without traditional Judaism's rabbinical interpretations. Parfitt, Black Jews in Africa and the Americas, 16.

It's in the Bible: "For here we have no continuing city, but seek one to come." "A city which hath foundations whose builder and make is God" Hebrews 13:14; 11:10. The Book of Judges describes the Israelite tribes as very distinct from one another, often living in peace with their Canaanite neighbors, and sometimes warring against each other.

Sium, 32, has lived in Israel most of his life, but says he and other Ethiopian Jews are treated differently from other Israelis: factories do not want to employ them; landlords refuse them; and certain schools turn away their children. The map shows the different routes taken by the Israelites when they left the area of the Caucasus mountains and migrated over into Europe during the subsequent years.

This lead to the creation of several factions of Black Hebrew Israelites (hereafter BHIs) that spread across America, and later to Africa and Israel. Nowhere in scripture are the laws done away with, Yahshuah the Messiah has never done away with the laws, and Yah has never deuteronomy curses done away with the laws ( Hebrew Israelite Heritage ).

The fact of the matter is that if authentic Jews had been in Poland in the time of Yiddish's evolution during and after the 15th Century, then words of the West German dialect spoken by Jews of the West would also be found in Yiddish. The so-called Negro was alienated from his history, his GOD and his culture, and scattered into every nation on the planet earth as a slave.

If he says he will regather his people, Israel, then that is exactly what he will do. He can see our DNA without the need of a laboratory, and he knows who he is bringing back to the land. God tells us that He will bring the Nation of Israel to a place and have a kings set over them, and in that nation will they serve gods of wood and stone.

While the Jewish people have claimed the Biblical prophecy of Abraham's children being lost and afflicted in a strange land, and many misguided Christians have repeated that claim, there is no historical record of Jews in bondage in Egypt for four centuries, said Min.

We do not hate the precious people who claim to be Black Hebrew Israelites. Also, Lamentations 5:10 describes the Israelites who had skin as black as an oven. Deuteronomy 14:2 For thou art an holy people unto the "I AM" thy God, and the "I AM" hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto Himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth.

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